Sunday, 23 March 2014


I enjoy my English lesson a lot. There was a time in Primary school where I used to despise it a lot because of my dropping grades and lack of focus. Well, to be honest, I did love English when I was in lower primary. The moment I stepped into Upper primary, more stress began to fit in my brain and created a whirlpool of confusion. I would neither focus in class nor pay attention to what was happening around in class. Soon my English grades began to drop. My parents would keep saying that I was hopeless and nothing could be done. Not just English but as months passed by, even the grades of other subjects started to drop. This time I really felt that my parents were right and I m hopeless.

When I joined Chong Boon Secondary, I met two wonderful teachers, Ms Foo and Mdm Tan. They are my Secondary 1 English class teachers. They really helped me in my English to boost up in the Language as well as instilled the love and passion for English inside me.

Not only do  they help us in English  but also come up with fun and interesting exercises to do and practice in school and at home. Actually I would rather say that I love English instead of liking it. I think I have the best teachers who have inspired me to work hard and I will do my best to achieve above my teachers expectation. Because someone has once said,"When there is a will, There's a way."

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