Friday, 10 January 2014

full info abt my self

Hi,i m Simran. I am from class 1e1 also known as perseverance 1.Well,i am from Naval Base Primary School. I came across Chong Boon Sec while flipping through the PSLE booklet trying to find a school that was suitable for me.i really miss my primary school teachers more than my friends as teachers were the one who always supported me in all way but friends also played a part of entertaining me throughout my whole journey of 5 years.the teacher I I really fond of from my primary school is Ms Ferisha. she was my CCA( drama) teacher She is not only pretty but also kind and supportive. She was just like a mix version of a counsilor and a teacher. just like most secondary students,during teachers day,even I am going to visit my ex teacher.Someone has onces said "All's well that End's well"

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