Friday, 10 January 2014


 Hi! My name is HOMEWORK  sorry..i mean English. Well,I used to be a Homework file until I became a English file thanks to a very thoughtful person. Well here is my story.

A few years ago,my home used to be at the Popular Book Store when one day a family of four paid for  me and brought me to their home to use me as a homework file. That day was the most gleeful day of my life.I could not help grinning from ear to ear in joy. The first few weeks went very well in their house. The two children always made sure that I was clean, and shining from zippers to chains. I felt that I was very lucky to be with such organized children but when I realized it was not for long that I was wrong. The children had just come back from their school. Suddenly they raced towards me and grabbed me by both sides and started pulling me towards themselves.  I was horrified by their aggrasive behavior of fighting for me.The boy got so angry that he pulled me with much strength from the girl and tossed me to the ground in fury. I was heart broken. How could someone do something like this to me? I cried as I thought about the two childrens true colours. When their maid found me at a corner of a wall, she didn’t even bother to put me back to my shelf, instead she  donated me  in a flea market sale. One of the women shopholders at the sale choose me as an itiem sell and arranged me neatly with other files on a table. That’s when a sophisticated lady showed up at the womans booth.she pointed towards me and my fellow tablemates indicating that she was interested in buying us.The next day,when I woke up,I found myself in a classroom. When I looked up I saw the same lady holding me and explaining something to the class.That very moment I understood that she was a school teacher.She was explaining the pupils in the class that she had bought us from a flea market where all the things sold are second handed itiems. She also shared with everyone that she bought all these files from a flea market not because they were sold ata discounted price but because buying used & old files means using recycled files…this way she tried to play her part as a human being to help to stop global warming.Not only that,we were also in good conditions so throwing away the files would have been a shame and waste of money. Today,I  live in cozy drawer with my other drawer mates and go to work with my owner to school. Haah,I sign with satisfaction everyday,with  now my life being gay as it could be.Thanks to the very understanding women/

THE END-Simran 1e1

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