Saturday, 18 January 2014

Trashion Fun

Hi! My name is Simran  ...I m a fan of fashion designing..i mean trashion designing
well,i was inspired to become a trashion designer ...after watching this video about project is a fashion show were they  used trash and recycled materials to make dress and have a competetion between the paticipants..well that that day I did no that it could change my life
from the day I watched the whole series of project greenways video's I got interested in fashion illustration,which is the first step of fashion designing...I find that this project is very usefull as it will be a helpull source in the future when we will lack things because of using them up such as we can find an alternative way which is reusing the thrown or recycled the end when the thing are made into cloths..they actually do look stunning!!

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