Saturday, 18 January 2014

the stuggles of my life

Well,i never had any struggles in my life before except once in primary school which I would not really call a stuggle.Well,the first struggle was that I once had set the alarm for 8 am because I wanted to bake a fresh cake for my parest on their wedding anniversary.but when the alarm rang...I dismissed  it thinking that I could wake up in a few minutes.but  I guess that I overslept and ended up waking up at 8.45 am. I knew that a cake would take 30 mins to bake.i had to think of a alternative option.thats when an idea popped into my mind,i could make them a wonderfull English breakfast for them..and when they would go out for lunch..i could bake the cake and get it ready by the time they come back.

Now,i have another story....well this time I was the one helping someone who was sruggling.
it all started like this.....
I was in Pri was 3.30 in the afternoon when my extra classes in school had ended.i was so dead  tired that day.i quickly caught the 811 bus that arrived and sat thinking in my mind what I will do once I reach home...the moment when I got down the bus stop,i heared some crying sounds.when I looked back..i saw a girl about my age crying .I went towards her and consoled her and asked her what happened.she replied humbly that she took the wrong bus from her school (she took 811 instead of 812)and ended up getting lost.i recognized her uniform, she was from Peiying Primary School. i used to be in Peiying  school in primary 1 2008.but the next year 2009 I changed my school to naval base primary and joined primary 2.well..then I told her to come with me to a friend of mine who is also from peiying primary since my phone had no battery.i found out that they both were classmates.the very next moment my friend passed the girl her phone.the girl pressed the buttons quickly as she waited for her mum to pick up the 20 minutes her mother came and picked her up thanking us a reward...she gave me $10 but I told her that if my friend had not lent the phone..she would be still be helpless so I shared the money with her..

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