Monday, 20 January 2014

Little India Riot

From media reports... a drunk Indian National boarded a packed private bus and was causing trouble. He was made to leave and was subsequently run over by the bus. The crowd outside the bus became agitated and began damaging the bus. A Civil Defence ambulance arrived. The paramedics were pelted with stones and bottles by the gathering mob while trying to extricate the body. One red Rhino (light fire attack vehicle) was damaged, a police car had its windscreens smashed and 4 patrol cars were overturned. The police personnel who were outnumbered were attacked by the rioters. An ambulance & 2 police cars were set on fire. Special Operations Command arrived later and brought the situation under control.

From other YouTube videos, I see people cheering and whistling when the ambulance was set on fire. This is very disturbing.

(The bus driver was arrested and being investigated for causing death by a negligent act)

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